What is Responsive Web Design?

Modern technologies have brought so many new inventions in the last few years. Almost every person is using internet, and with it, we have so many new stuffs. Mobile phones are not just phones any more. Since smart phones hit the markets, and became popular in the entire world, we gain so many new things on those phones. With internet aces on the phones, we can practically do everything we do on our computers. We also have tablets, and who knows what else is waiting for us in the future?

Web DesignBecause of all that, it is no wonder at all that more and more people who are web sites owners will require a mobile version of their web site. That requires a special design for different kinds of phones. One design is needed for iphone, another one for ipad, then again different one for smart phones with android platform, and for BlackBerry or notebook. Responsive Web Design Brisbane suggests that development and the design must follow the behavior of users. That basically means that every website should have a special and unique technology that will answer the situation in which the user wants from mobile phone to computer, or tablet. In other words web site will have to automatically respond to that switching. Web site will have to use proper technology, in order to change the image size, resolution and other scripting abilities.

It is really hard to create a proper design for every device separately. It is a really huge and complex work. It would be a much better solution if the website automatically changes when user goes from smart phone to tablet. Responsive web design is not talking about screen resolution and its adjustment; it is much more than that. Responsive web design represents a new level when it comes to web design, a new era, and completely new way of thinking about it all.

On the market, we can find more and more new devices, and all of them usually have completely different screen resolution. We can see new devices daily, and sometimes it is really hard to stay in track with all those new things. That is causing a really huge problem for websites, and responsive web design should fix this issue. How? This design must find a proper solution for flexible image resizing, with a proper technique. In case of extreme image size changes, it is possible that we have to use techniques to change the entire layout altogether. As a new way of thinking, responsive web design will for sure find a completely new solution that will change everything, and make it easier for us. Then, no matter what device you are using, a website will automatically change its resolution, and you will enjoy visiting web sites from every device you own.